Bike Fitting


Las Vegas Cyclery Fitting Center located upstairs in our Green Energy Shop In Summerlin.

About LVC Fittings

Our bike fitters followed the work of Dr. Andy Pruitt Ed.D., PA of the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine and found only at your local Specialized dealer. It's a comprehensive fit philosophy created to help cyclists ride faster, longer and in greater comfort, while reducing the chance for injury.


NEW FOR 2018!

We are now partner with Las Vegas Bike Fit! Greg Choat for high end Computarized Lazer fitting and custom order Insoles. Check out the Las Vegas Bike Fit website here to book your appointment.

It's located right by the Shop at the Trail Retail Center across our parking lot. 



Level 2 - Professional Bicycle Fit

This is our standard fit package. The fit is done in the X Y side view axis only

Fit session includes:
• Cyclist interview to determine type and style of riding
• 18 point physical assessment includes advanced structural, physical range of motion and flexibility tests
• Pre fitting measurements
• Foot bed recommendations
• Cleat adjustment

Dynamic adjustments of
• Saddle fore and aft position
• Seat height
• Reach adjustment
• Handlebar/stem height/fit

Cost: $100.00 (Add $50 for Triathlon or TT bike)
Time allotment: Allow 1 hour when booking this appointment


Level 1 - Expert Bicycle Fitting / Bicycle Sizing

Determines proper size and style of bike which will best fit your style of riding and physical attributes.

Included with new bicycle purchase.

Analysis includes:
• Cyclist interview to determine type and style of riding, objectives
• Flexibility and range of motion of lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine
• On bike assessment to determine the proper size and style of bike
Cost: $50.00
Time allotment: Allow 30 minutes for this appointment


Cleat Installation:

This service determines proper placement of cleat on shoes and a neutral cleat placement that allows you to optimize the full range of your pedal/shoe systems adjustments.

Included with new shoe purchase!

Analysis includes:
• Fore and rear foot structure analysis
• Foot bed recommendation
Cost: $15.00
Time allotment: Allow 10 minutes for this appointment.

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