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Meet the Staff

At Las Vegas Cyclery, we take pride in our staff.  Knowledgeable, experienced and friendly, they all share a passion for cycling and Las Vegas.  Stop by today for a tune up, maps, directions or your brand new ride!


Rides: Specialized S-Works Tarmac

If I’m not riding, I’m: Running or swimming
Material possession I value most: My violin, family photo album
I used to be: A wimp
I love: My family (Jared, Orion, Dakota, Phoenix and Sequoia), sunsets and frogs
I want: More time
I need: A clone
My favorite type of trail: Uphill or sandy
Favorite trail: Power Point, Escalante Mountain Singletrack
Best Escape memory: Watching a thunderstorm wind its way back and forth through the 
Grand Canyon beneath out camp on the rim.
Words of wisdom: Aspire higher


JARED FISHER, Tour Director

Rides: Foes Mutz
Tires: Kujo 3.0 for 24’ wheels
Name of your bike: The Pig
Why I bike: I don’t like to run
Road Ride: Only when I want to make myself think I might be fast
If I’m not on tour, I’m: Eating ice cream at 2am
I hate: Being cold and sweaty simultaneously
I need: 6 more hours in the day
My favorite type of trail: Is usually the kind that other people dislike
Favorite grub box item: Gummy worms
Best Escape memory: Developing the Bryce to Zion tour in 1992 with Heather

Shawn Tyrone, General Manager & Master Mechanic

Hometown: Las Vegas
Years at LVC/Escape:  Handful of years.                                    
If I’m not riding, I’m:  eating
Winter sport: we have a winter?
Rides: Cannondale Scapel 29er
Tires:  round
Why you bike:  so I can eat what I want
What you drive: my coworkers crazy
Freeride or Cross Country:  Cross Country
Road ride:  yes please
Puke or Surrender:  puke, then surrender
Always carry: Iphone
Words of Wisdom: admit to nothing, deny everything, demand proof

Jason Miller, Service Leader & Warranty

Hometown: South Haven, MI

Years at LVC: 4 years
Rides: 2015 Tarmac Pro Disc
Favorite Bike: If it’s what I have owned they have all been nice
I use to be: A manager at a decorative gravel yard
If I’m not riding: I’m sleeping or with the family
Start cycling: A long time ago
Favorite ride/trail:  While I mostly ride road now I loved mountain biking in Flagstaff, AZ
Favorite tool: Torque wrench (Ritchey it’s rebranded and was terribly expensive compared to the competition but it’s rarity endears it to me)
Words of wisdom: Don’t quit your day job
Best cycling experience: Aren’t they all good?
Racing Experience: I know how to get shelled in a Cat 5 race pretty well.

Kevin Abalos, Lead Sales Associate


Years at LVC/Escape: Since 2014                                      
If I’m not riding, I’m: Running
If I’m not on tour, I’m: Working
Off Season Gig- Running, playing PC games, and cross training
Favorite vacation spot: Ko-olina, Oahu,Hawaii
Winter sport: N/A
Plans for the future:  N/A
Rides: Specialized Venge Expert Disc
Tires:  continental GPA000s 2
First bike:  Allez Evo
Why you bike: excuse to wear tights 
Worst crash:  N/A
What you drive:2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo
What material possession do you value most: My presription glasses and Garmin
Road ride: Red Rock Scenic Loop
Puke or Surrender:  throw up and keep going
I love: when I hit a PR
I hate: when someone is cross wheeling me when I am by myself
I want:  To travel out of the U.S. more often. 
Other’s will say I’m:  A computer Geek 
Favorite grub box item: Clif Bars
Always carry: My iphone
Words of Wisdom: 
Make one up for me?

Kevin Ford, Sales @LVC - Permitting @EscapeAdventures

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Years at LVC/Escape: Good amount.                                   
If I’m not riding, I’m: Planning next ride
If I’m not on tour, I’m:  Riding with my son
Favorite vacation spot:  whats that?

Winter sport: snow ball fight
Plans for the future:  Bikepacking, riding everywhere

Off-season gig:  Beer
Rides:  Santa Cruz Bullit
Tires: Maxxis
Name of your bike: Beast
First bike: Huffy, then Scwhinn Rigid
Why you bike: Explore, clear my head, exercise, enjoy nature, why would you not?
Worst crash: 10 years old huffy crash, ohhhh jumps.

What you drive: Nission Frontier
What material possession do you value most:  Bike
Won’t go on tour without: Camel Bak
Freeride or Cross Country: Both
Road ride: Panguitch Lake to Bryce Canyon
Puke or Surrender:  Puke
I use to be:  a Mechanic
I love:  my family
I hate:  bills
I want:  to keep riding
Most likely to find this is my guide pack: cliff bars
Other’s will say I’m:  LOUD
Always carry:  water
Words of Wisdom: slow down and breathe

Steve Clausse, Part time Online Sales,Website & Marketing


Hometown: Luxembourg Region in Belgium.
Years at LVC: Started 2010

I use to be: A professional road bike racer in the 90's
Rides:  Specialized Diverge Bike, Specialized Stumpjumper Carbon FSR 29er.
Favorite bike: Specialized Crux, Specialized Venge, Santa Cruz 5010.

I'm not riding, I'm: Watching movies, eating out great food and Belgium Beers and wine.
Start cycling: Born in a bike shop. Daddy was a racer, at 6 years old first race in the grass in 1981

Favorite ride/trail: Gooseberry Mesa, Utah (MTB), Park City, Utah (Road)
Favorite tool: 3 way 4,5, 6 mm wrench.
Words of wisdom/cycling tips: Slow or Fast, never stop and finish your ride or run to the finish line.
Best cycling experience: Won a couple of stages in the Tour of Ivory Coast, West Africa in 1996 and Panama 1994.
Racing experience:  Road Pro raced in Europe then Central and South America until 1999. Start MTB racing in 2000 in Puerto Rico. Now Riding/Running for fitness mainly.

Bruce Balch, Sales Associates & Part time Technician

Hometown: Las Vegas

Years at LVC/Escape: 1 wonderful year                                   
If I’m not riding, I’m: Playing bass at church or putting price tags on inventory.
Winter sport: Cycling
Rides: Specialized Tarmac and Stumpjumper
Tires: Road, Conti GP5000--Dirt, Specialized Butcher
Why you bike: Riding bikes is fun!
What you drive: Honda Element 
Freeride or Cross Country: Cross Country  
Road ride: Yes...The Loop  
Puke or Surrender: Puke
Always carry: Cell Phone, or Insulin Pump if you are diabetic.
Words of Wisdom: Keep it all in perspective. Faith, Family, then everything else.

Chris Gorney, Bike Rental Manager & Tour Guide

Hometown: Tulsa, OK

Years at LVC/Escape: 4                              
If I’m not riding, I’m: Climbing a mountain
Winter sport: Desert Ultra Running or Snowboarding on the mountain
Rides: Everything
Tires: Rubber
Why you bike: To save my feet for trail running
What you drive: Tacoma Baby!
Freeride or Cross Country: Freeride, Freerun
Road ride: for fitness
Puke or Surrender: Rarely Puke, but I don't know what Surrender means...
Always carry: Water
Words of Wisdom: Go big or Go home! 

Nick Dru, Sales Associates & Social Media

Hometown: Las Vegas 

Years at LVC/Escape: 4 Months                              
If I’m not riding, I'm Hiking or Paddle Boarding
Winter sport: Skiing
Rides: 2022 Cannondale Jekyll , 2020 Cannondale Habit
Tires: Continental Kryptotal's
Why you bike: There's nothing like the feeling of flying down the mountain with your buddies, and sharing some beers and laughs at the end of the day
What you drive: Ford Transit
Freeride or Cross Country: Freeride
Road ride: River Mountain Trail
Puke or Surrender: Puke

Always carry: Water

Words of Wisdom: Send it Randy