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Meet the Staff

At Las Vegas Cyclery, we take pride in our staff.  Knowledgeable, experienced and friendly, they all share a passion for cycling and Las Vegas.  Stop by today for a tune up, maps, directions or your brand new ride!



Rides: Santa Cruz Superlite
If I’m not riding, I’m:
Running or swimming
Material possession I value most: My violin, family photo album
I used to be:
A wimp
I love:
My family (Jared, Orion, Dakota, Phoenix and Sequoia), sunsets and frogs
I want:
More time
I need:
A clone
My favorite type of trail:
Uphill or sandy
Favorite trail:
Power Point, Escalante Mountain Singletrack
Best Escape memory:
Watching a thunderstorm wind its way back and forth through the
Grand Canyon beneath out camp on the rim.
Words of wisdom:
Aspire higher



JARED FISHER, Tour Director

Rides: Foes Mutz
Kujo 3.0 for 24’ wheels
Name of your bike:
The Pig
Why I bike:
I don’t like to run
Road Ride:
Only when I want to make myself think I might be fast
If I’m not on tour, I’m: Eating ice cream at 2am
I hate:
Being cold and sweaty simultaneously
I need:
6 more hours in the day
My favorite type of trail:
Is usually the kind that other people dislike
Favorite grub box item:
Gummy worms
Best Escape memory:
Developing the Bryce to Zion tour in 1992 with Heather




Shawn Tyrone, General Manager & Master Mechanic

Las Vegas
Years at LVC/Escape:  physically..3 months..mentally 10 years                                    
If I’m not riding, I’m:  eating
Winter sport: we have a winter?
Rides: Cannondale Scapel 29er
Tires:  round
Why you bike:  so I can eat what I want
What you drive: my coworkers crazy
Freeride or Cross Country:  Cross Country
Road ride:  yes please
Puke or Surrender:  puke, then surrender
Always carry: Iphone
Words of Wisdom: admit to nothing, deny everything, demand proof


Steve Clausse, the Belgian, Sales Manager,

Hometown: Luxembourg Region in Belgium (Europe)
Years at LVC:
 Started July' 2010
I use to be: A professional road bike racer in the 90's
Rides:  Specialized Crux Sram Apex Cyclocross Bike, Specialized Venge S-Works custom built for triathlon with aerobars.
Favorite bike: Specialized Crux, Lapierre Cyclocross, Quintana Roo PR

I'm not riding, I'm: Watching movies, eating out great food and Belgium Beers and wine.
Start cycling:
 Born in a bike shop. Daddy was a racer, at 6 years old first race in the grass in 1981
Favorite ride/trail: Gooseberry Mesa, Utah (MTB), Park City, Utah (Road)
Favorite tool: Ritchey Torkey
Words of wisdom/cycling tips: Slow or Fast, never stop and finish your ride or tri.
Best cycling experience: Won a couple of stages in the Tour of Ivory Coast, West Africa in 1996
Racing experience:  Road Pro raced in Europe then Central and South America until 1999. Start MTB racing in 2000 in Puerto Rico. Now Racing Triathlon for fitness mainly.

Jason Miller, Assistant Sales Manager

Hometown: South Haven, MI

Years at LVC: Less than 1 year
Rides: 2015 Tarmac Pro Disc
Favorite Bike: If it’s what I have owned they have all been nice
I use to be: A manager at a decorative gravel yard
If I’m not riding: I’m sleeping or with the family
Start cycling: A long time ago
Favorite ride/trail:  While I mostly ride road now I loved mountain biking in Flagstaff, AZ
Favorite tool: Torque wrench (Ritchey it’s rebranded and was terribly expensive compared to the competition but it’s rarity endears it to me)
Words of wisdom: Don’t quit your day job
Best cycling experience: Aren’t they all good?
Racing Experience: I know how to get shelled in a Cat 5 race pretty well.


Rob Hutchinson, The Hybrid (Marketing and Social Network)

Hometown: Lynnwood, CA
Years at LVC: 4-ish part time
Rides: Specialized (Epic 29", Specialized Roubaix 700c, Specialized Crux Ultra Cross, Langster) and Spot brand Rocker SS
Favorite Bike: Specialized Epic 29"
I use to be: An astronaut
If I’m not riding, I’m: on Facebook
Start cycling: In 1993 (BMX)
Favorite ride/trail: Bryce Canyon Utah - Thunder Mountain
Favorite tool: Steve Zellers
Words of wisdom: It never gets easier, you just get better.
Best cycling experience: Epic adventures with Jared Fisher
Racing Experience: Done my share : )






Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Years at LVC/Escape: 6 months                                   
If I’m not riding, I’m: Coaching the art of BMX racing
Plans for the future: Mobile BMX bike shop
Off-season gig: I have no off season, always on season
Rides: Supercross BMX
Tires: Tioga Power Blocks
Name of your bike: Baby Girl 
First bike: Schwinn Tiger Bike  
Why you bike: To free up my stress
Worst crash: 4 yrars ago @ 50 years old, destroyed my right wrist
What you drive: A paid for Ford Explorer Hoop-de
What material possession do you value most: My bike 
Won’t go on tour without: My bike
Puke or Surrender: Puke
I use to be: Passive
I love: Life
I hate: Haters
I want: Peace of mind 
Always carry: Tools
Best Cycling Experience: Making the main event at the ABA Grand Nationals
Words of Wisdom: Do what you have a passion for...



BRIAN BURKE, Service and Sales

Hometown: Las Vegas
Years at LVC: Many to come, but about 5 years in the industry 
Rides: Bikes: Cyclocross, Fixed Gear, Single Speed, and a Unicycle. Looking to own a 6fattyB Mountain Bike next 
Car: 1966 Volkswagen “Slug Bug"
Favorite Bike: My retro Scwhinn unicycle.
I use to be: Younger
If I’m not riding, I’m: Bouldering, Wrenching on my car, Expressing myself with my hands (and feet if they could hold a pen or a paint brush)
Start cycling: When my Ol’ man and I took my training’ wheels off at age 4.
Favorite ride/trail: To the ice cream shoppe. Because ice cream. The flood channels are really fun to ride in, but you didn’t hear it from me.
Favorite tool: The one that fixes the problem.
Words of wisdom: If it ain’t broke, try and improve it till it is.
Best cycling experience: This one time when I lived in Michigan, my old boss and I rode to see where they thought Jimmy Hoffa was buried after work, and left because I’ve never seen so much water fall out of the sky at once. When it stopped, we left our public “outhouse” fortress, and rode through puddles as deep as our drivetrains and ‘cross hopped fallen trees from the storm. Ask me which chain lube works best under water.
Racing Experience: Racing to the ice cream shoppe. Because ice cream. I’ve done a few fixed gear alley cats way back when those were cool.
Betcha can’t sprint uphill, against traffic, on a hard fixed gear ratio, after eating a cream-sicle in one bite.

Kevin Abalos, Sales

Years at LVC/Escape: Since 2014                                      
If I’m not riding, I’m: Swimming or Running
If I’m not on tour, I’m: Working
Off Season Gig- IT/ Web Design
Favorite vacation spot: Ko-olina, Oahu,Hawaii
Winter sport:Snowboarding, Ironman
Plans for the future:  To Finish a full Ironman
Rides: Specialized Allez Evo
Tires:  continental GPA000s 2
First bike:  Allez Evo
Why you bike: excuse to wear tights
Worst crash:  Turning right onto Durango from I-160 and hit gravel trap
What you drive:2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo
What material possession do you value most: My presription glasses and Garmin
Road ride: Red Rock Scenic Loop
Puke or Surrender:  throw up and keep going
I love: when I hit a PR
I hate: when someone is cross wheeling me when I am by myself
I want:  to have a vacation home in Costa Rica
Other’s will say I’m:  A computer Geek
Favorite grub box item: Bonk Breakers
Always carry: My iphone
Words of Wisdom:
Make one up for me?

Kevin Ford, Escape Adventures Tour Manager

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Years at LVC/Escape: 6 months                                     
If I’m not riding, I’m: Planning next ride
If I’m not on tour, I’m:  Riding with my son
Favorite vacation spot:  whats that?

Winter sport: snow ball fight
Plans for the future:  Bikepacking, riding everywhere

Off-season gig:  Beer
Rides:  Santa Cruz Bullit
Tires: Maxxis
Name of your bike: Beast
First bike: Huffy, then Scwhinn Rigid
Why you bike: Explore, clear my head, exercise, enjoy nature, why would you not?
Worst crash: 10 years old huffy crash, ohhhh jumps.

What you drive: Nission Frontier
What material possession do you value most:  Bike
Won’t go on tour without: Camel Bak
Freeride or Cross Country: Both
Road ride: Panguitch Lake to Bryce Canyon
Puke or Surrender:  Puke
I use to be:  a Mechanic
I love:  my family
I hate:  bills
I want:  to keep riding
Most likely to find this is my guide pack: cliff bars
Other’s will say I’m:  LOUD
Always carry:  water
Words of Wisdom: slow down and breathe

Rory Betancourt, Sales and Service

Hometown: Vegas
Years at lvac: in the works
Rides: a snowboard!
Favorite bike: fatboy
I used to be: a goalkeeper in soccer
If im not riding, im: shreddin' the pow!
Start cycling: in highschool
Favorite trail: 3 mile smile all day!
Favorite tool: my hands, duh.
Words of wisdom: if you're having a bad day, ride a bike (:
Best cycling experience: tacoing my front wheel and flying over the bars! So fun!
Racing experience: i can drive pretty fast if that counts


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