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Our Dream

Jared and Heather Fisher, Owner/Operators of
Ecape Adventures, Las Vegas Cyclery, Moab Cyclery, RTC Bike Center

Many of you may or may not know that Escape Adventures just celebrated its 20th year in business in 2012. It is a historical point in our business for many reasons.  Twenty years ago I married my beautiful wife, Heather Fisher, and we decided to start an international bike tour business and bike shop.  I quit mowing lawns for a living (which was tough because I really liked doing that). Heather quit selling violins and working for the university president, and together we concentrated all our efforts toward graduating UNLV and starting our new business.  This path has blessed our lives beyond our wildest imaginations, and we have met some of the coolest people in the world including our co-workers, clients, customers, and so many good friends.

As the 20th year was approaching, I thought really hard about what I could do to give back and make a positive impact to my community, the environment, my friends and co-workers.  So we decided to build the first Net Zero bike shop in the world and strive for the highest environmental rating possible, L.E.E.D. Platinum!  This facility is one of a kind in Las Vegas and for that matter, the world.  What better way is there to demonstrate clean energy building and power generation than through CYCLING?  We think cycling’s the most exciting source of sustainable, clean energy, transportation and recreation ever invented!

A lot of thought went into the location.  For me, it had to be close to the trails and for Heather, it had to be a safe road biking commute.  We found a good spot that was not only that, but super easy to get to from anywhere, being right on the 215 exit ramp at Town Center.

For road bikers and runners, it is perfectly tied in to the new Beltway Bicycle/Pedestrian Trail where the fancy, new Summerlin biking bridge crosses Town Center.  Heather’s favorite project was building the Park and Ride Pavilion next to the shop with an amphitheatre, picnic tables, water bottle filling, recycle bike wash station, and plenty of safe parking.  Her other favorite project was building a perimeter bike path around the property to test ride bikes and shoes.  Our enthusiastic customers have even made a strava section out of it!  This is an ideal start location for all the beautiful Summerlin bike lanes and paths running all the way to Red Rock Canyon.

For mountain bikers and trail runners: it is easy access via the 215 to either end of Red Rock Canyon (Cowboy Trails and Cottonwood Trails) and only about a mile from a really cool new single-track trail in Summerlin.  And I get to ride straight from home to work through the desert now, almost all on trail.

It is a quiet, community-oriented location, great for social gatherings and community events with a shaded Park and Ride Pavilion, bike parking, electric bike charging, interpretive green tour, preferred parking for Hybrid and fuel efficient vehicles, a 40 plus person upstairs meeting room for like-minded organizations, and staffed by the best mechanics, sales people, and bike enthusiasts on earth.

The building is not your typical construction. It is made with recycled materials and locally produced materials (within 500 miles max).  It is completely powered by the sun and wind (with a 50KW solar PV system and 5KW wind generator), and we are shooting for the highest level L.E.E.D. certification possible...Platinum.

We wanted to thank everyone, sincerely, for all you do to make our shop unique and personal. We love cycling and the outdoors and we love Las Vegas. We are grateful to have the best staff we could possibly hope for and a great many friends in Las Vegas, thanks to cycling.  We owe everything to you. Please let us know how we can better your experience at our company or better the planet. It is your input, support, and friendship that helps us grow to be better.

Happy trails,

Jared Fisher, Director
Heather Fisher, President
Escape Adventures
Las Vegas Cyclery
Moab Cyclery
RTC Bike Center

Green Building Details

Entire block masonry bricks were manufactured 12 miles away.

208 solar panels, 50kw solar pv

A 5kw wind turbine

Upside-down roof with insulation on the outside of the roof and double thick for summers.

Light-emitting diode lighting controlled by occupancy sensors.

Low-flow water fixtures reduce water use by more than 40 percent.

Waterless and low-flush restroom facilities using no potable water and world’s most energy efficient hand dryer.  

More than 20 percent of the materials that went into project were composed of recycled materials.

Landscape uses 63 percent less than water than standard landscape.

Bike wash station runs on clean solar/wind produced electricity.

Parking lot offers preferred spaces for fuel efficient vehicles such as hybrid and electric cars.

Bike racks and bike parking for nearly 50 bicycles.

Diverted more than 80 percent of construction